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sweet mango, cantaloupe, honeydew melon, vanilla whipped cream e-liquid

Imagine you're on the beaches of Santa Monica, the sun is shining, beautiful people surround you, and you sit down at a fine restaurant overlooking the ocean. The smell of salt and the feeling of the ocean breeze fill your nostrils. The waiter leaves in front of you some fresh mangoes, cantaloupe and a honeydew melon. You get the bright idea of taking a bite of each and the strong flavors of melons and mango overtake your senses. You call for the waiter and request some whipped cream to compliment these locally sourced fruits. With just the right amount of whipped cream to compliment this melony fruit vape you look into the mirror and your head is now a melon! Your mother always told you that: "you are what you eat" but you never thought that something like this would happen. This is what vaping Melon Head from the High Class budget line would be like, an experience, an assortment of fine flavors make this eliquid a prime choice to fill your tank, soak your cotton and vape the day away on a beach or in your living room. Welcome Melon Heads, to your new all day vape.

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