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Platinum Chalice от VapeCraft Inc. (США)

Производитель: VapeCraft Inc. (США)
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Seize The Day With A Mouth Watering Fuji Apple, Sweet Watermelon, and a Hint Of Key Lime To Round Out This Succulent All Day Vape. 70% VG / 30% PG Platinum Chalice is a succulent sweet mix of flavors combining a mouth watering Fuji Apple, a deliciously sweet watermelon and an outstanding key lime that will make the most critical vapers smile with glee. With every inhale you will enjoy the sweet fruit notes from this juicy apply and watermelon ejuice. On the exhale the key lime kicks in and really round out the flavor profiles. Most companies use a ton of sweetener to accentuate the flavors but with Platinum Chalice, it's sweet enough to speak for itself. This flavor comes in a chubby gorilla authentic 60ml eliquid bottle. Enjoy the ease of dripping with these premium bottles. Every vaper deserves a Platinum Chalice, so try some today and keep your taste buds satiated with the fruity goodness, you wont be disappointed going home with this premium flavor.

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